Tuition and Policies (Novato)

Tuition Prices (Novato)

For tuition prices in other locations, see our Tuition and Policies (Other Locations) page

Tuition includes weekly classes, songbook, CD, unlimited makeup classes, access to the Family Music Zone and Hello Everybody app, and unlimited singing, dancing, playing bonding and joy! Each season, you are free to add two extra classes using the "make up a class" link. Two extra weeks of class at no extra charge!

*Please contact us if you need a sliding scale or if you would like to offer a barter toward your tuition.

First and last month's payment are taken upon registration.

If you cancel and re-enroll within a year, we charge a $50 fee, (this prevents people "gaming the system" and dropping on months when there's a break and then re-enrolling after the break.) If you have a compelling personal circumstance, medical issue, or financial hardship, we will waive this fee. Please contact us if you need to take a hiatus for any of these reasons.



*Siblings 8 months and under are FREE


Off Weeks


For 2018, off weeks are: October 8-13, Nov 19-24, Dec 24-Jan 5, Feb 18-22, April 8-12, July 1-6, August 5-10


Studio break weeks generally correspond with local school breaks. They are:


First week of July

First week of August

October 1 week

November Thanksgiving week

Two weeks Winter break Dec-January

February mid-winter break



Membership includes 44 teaching weeks per year, plus 12 Sunday Shindig classes, for a total of 56 classes per year under Basic Membership.


New (starting Fall 2018) membership pricing comes to $20.14 per class


Previously, tuition came out to $23.46/class


Classes may be cancelled due to teacher illness or emergencies. These can be made up by families in any other class, (canceled classes do not count toward maximum of four accrued makeups), and/or families can make up in Sunday Shindig classes.


Three times per year, a single day’s classes may be cancelled for teacher development workshops. Days are determined 1-2 months in advance, and families can make up as for teacher emergency cancellations. 


You will need to keep a credit card on file, and we will run batch charges for each month on the 15th of of the preceding month.


Cancel any time with 30 days notice. You must contact us to cancel. If you cancel and re-enroll within a year, we charge a $50 fee. This covers the cost of our service fee to Music Together® Worldwide, and also prevents people from "gaming the system," by stopping during a month when there is a break. If you need to take a break due to a compelling, personal circumstance, such as a medical or financial hardship, or your child is struggling in class and needs a break, you may take a 1 month hiatus, or we may wave the re-enrollment fee.


Policies and Guidelines

Photo Release

Sing-Dance-Play may take photographs and video recordings of your child or you, or both of you together, and use them in printed or electronic formats for advertising and educational purposes. Please notify your teacher if you wish not to have your child’s image used on our website or print advertising.

During Class:

1. Minimize talking. We hope you make social connections in class! But we ask you to talk and socialize before and after class. Give your child and everyone in our group a special chance to be musically focused for an entire 45 minutes.

2. Fully participate! You are the primary role model for your child - and all of the children in class. If you commit to singing, dancing and playing your children will learn that making music is fun!

3. Allow your child to form their own style in class. Some children will quietly observe while others need to move. Allowing them to move and explore freely allows them to learn most effectively.

4. For safety reasons, do not allow your child to run in class: Most children can understand this rule between the ages of 16 months and 2 years. We understand that our children are "works in progress,” and we don't expect them to behave perfectly. The best way we've found to enforce no running is to remind them of the rule before each class, and let them know that if they run in class, you'll have them take a break by stepping out for a few moments. Then every time they run, gently remove them from the room without talking or reprimanding. We are happy to talk about this, and teachers can also help by speaking to your child in a "trialogue" including you, before or after class.

5. Set phones to vibrate and keep them in your bag.

6. Give snacks before class. If your child gets hungry during class, please take them out of the room for a snack. Breastfeeding and bottles are OK!

7. Put all mouthed instruments into the wet box. Mouthing is an important part of young children’s exploration and it is okay. Set aside mouthed instruments to go in the wet box.

8. Minimize photography/video: We allow for occasional photography/filming of your child. However most of our class time needs to be focused on music making and your child. Please keep it from being a distraction from class.

9. Be Comfortable! Modify as needed: You’re going to be asked to get up and move at least twice per class. Please modify activities with respect to your physical limitations and your child’s needs. Prioritize taking care of yourself and your child.

10. If your child has had fever, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours, do not bring them to class. You can use a make-up and we are flexible about extra make-ups due to sickness. 

At home:

  • Listen to your recording! Repeat! Enjoy the activities in your songbooks and ideas from your teacher.

  • Start a musical ritual: Sing a lullaby, dance, beat on some pots and pans! Make up new lyrics to our songs!

Make-ups, Cancelled Classes, Refunds:

  • Make-ups: You are allowed unlimited make-ups each semester. Schedule them yourself on the website, and contact Brenda ( if you have any trouble.
  • Class may be cancelled due to weather, teacher illness or other unavoidable circumstance. If a class must be cancelled, we will do our best to extend the semester by a week. If that isn’t possible, you can do an extra make-up in another class.
  • No refunds after semester has begun. Please register for a free demonstration class if you're unsure whether Music Together is a good fit for your family. Contact us if you need to withdraw due to compelling personal circumstances such as a move. If a class no longer fits with your schedule or a particular teacher is not a good fit, we will do all we can to move you to a different class. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal.

Bringing others to class:

  • Adult caregivers are welcome at any time. Please read and explain these guidelines to them before they come. We request that if possible visitors participate rather than watch.
  • Siblings and friends age five and over may visit. The number of times is at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Siblings and friends age four and under may visit up to two times; We may make exceptions if you’re really in a pinch for childcare.
  • Refer a new friend and you both get $25.00 off the next semester!
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#1 Most important guideline:

Have fun!! Your authentic enjoyment of making music is the most influential factor in your child’s music learning at this stage.

Questions or concerns? ALWAYS feel free to contact us or speak with your teacher. Email or call us at 415-419-7454.