New Moms Support Group


Being a new mom is a uniquely mind-blowing roller coaster of bliss, anguish, wonder and exhaustion. Replenish yourself and share your joys and challenges with other new moms in this seven-week series. You will learn a lot, and more importantly, have time to build real connections with other moms. You may find that you still confide in your mom friends throughout your child's life. Our group is led by Jamie Katoff, MFT, in coordination with Sing Dance Play's director and subject matter experts. We focus on supporting one another and sharing about some common new mom struggles such as sleeping, feeding, changes in your relationship, and mood, and whatever else is coming up for you. We will also feature a special guest each week, such as a lactation counselor and physical therapist, to demonstrate and explore more specialized areas. Bring your baby (0-6 months) with you!

Price: $280

Seven weeks: June 6 to July 18 (no class july 4)

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The final week's meeting will be outdoors (and in the morning to beat the heat, and for ideal lighting). We will have a picnic and photo session with Dorothy Hatchel of Marin Family Photography. You'll get five files of beautiful, priceless photos of yourself with your baby. Portrait session and social gathering will be Friday, July 26 at 9:00 am.

We're open to adding additional weeks for other areas, such as Infant CPR, Infant massage and baby sign language.


Jamie Katoff, MFT (every week)
Jamie is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, who became passionate about helping pregnant and postpartum women after the birth of her first son. In her private practice and in group settings, she help new parents as they navigate this incredible, but often challenging, journey. 


Kelly Phipps, Doula (June 13)

Kelly Phipps is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator and local Mom of three. She provides compassionate, evidence-based care and education to families in all aspects of birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and early parenting.  Kelly is a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and breastfeeding specialist, whose passion and mission is empowering families as they embark on their wild and wonderful parenting journeys.  

Originally from Ireland, Kelly lives in Lucas Valley with her English husband, three daughters and two cats. When she’s not at births or supporting families postpartum, Kelly is a banjo playing, book loving, amateur abstract artist who reads too much news and likes to drink wine with friends.



Amy Strauss, Yoga Instructor (July 11)
Amy Strauss is a dedicated yoga instructor who specializes in prenatal yoga and postpartum rehabilitation. She especially enjoys helping women deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga as they transition into motherhood. Her classes facilitate birth preparation, reintegration of mamas’ bodies after birth and deep healing. She teaches alignment principles to keep practitioners physically safe in the postures, emphasizes attention to the breath and weaves yoga philosophy and meditation into her classes to catalyze transformation both on and off the mat. Amy is RYT-200 certified with Yoga Alliance and holds a pre/postnatal yoga certification from MamaTree with Jane Austin in San Francisco. When she is not practicing or teaching yoga, Amy loves to hike, make music, garden and enjoy life with her husband and three kids.



Marci Silverberg, Physical Therapist (June 20)

Marci Silverberg has been a Physical Therapist for 17 years, and is especially passionate about helping women recover more fully after pregnancy and childbirth. She enjoys empowering women with education about symptoms that may occur in this time which, while common, are not normal, and can often be healed with Womens Health Physical Therapy. A fitness enthusiast and mother of two, she enjoys partnering with her clients to help them return to optimal levels of function, health, and sport.



Angela Pollock, Lactation Counselor and Postpartum Doula (June 27)
Angela is a birth and postpartum doula, certified through DTI (Doula Trainings International), and a Certified Lactation Counselor - providing support during the beginning, maintenance, and weaning stages of breastfeeding. She can help with common breastfeeding  problems and concerns. She has experience working with LGBTQ and adoptive families, as well as families with multiples. Her passion is providing families with a safe, trustworthy, non-judgmental ear as they launch into parenthood.


Elina Coulter, Music (July 18)

Elina has been a registered Music Together® teacher since 2010, and completed her Certification I in 2013. Elina studied classical violin, but found her real love of music in making it with others. In studying Cajun and Irish fiddle, she grew a passion for inclusion, improvisation and imperfection, a passion which she shares in her Music Together classes. In this Babies-only Introduction you and your baby will share activities that have been carefully developed for infants 8 months and under. You'll learn about how children develop musically and how you can support that development in your own baby. You'll discover new ways of interacting with your baby that are deeply pleasurable for both of you, and you'll discover how profoundly satisfying it can be to bond with your infant musically. You will also receive a complimentary Lullaby collection, along with words, to help you as you start your musical journey with your baby!