Our Staff

photo Elina Coulter

Elina has been a registered Music Together® teacher since 2010, and completed her Certification I in 2013. Elina studied classical violin, but found her real love of music in making it with others. In studying Cajun and Irish fiddle, she grew a passion for inclusion, improvisation and imperfection, a passion which she shares in her Music Together classes. In class, Elina plays guitar, baritone and soprano ukulele, and occasionally fiddle. Elina has a teaching credential and many years of experience working with young children. Elina has also been trained in Orff Schulwerk music applications for young children, music theory and child development.
Families reflect on Elina's teaching:

"Thank you for leading such a fun and fabulous class! The class is a great stress reliever and opportunity to be 'in the moment' with our daughter."
"We see on a daily basis how much this class means to Z and L and how much they get out of it. They sing along to all the songs and they ask when they're going to music class to see Elina. Elina delivers such an enjoyable experience, not just for the children, but for the parents as well. Thank you for such an engaging, entertaining and informative class."

"It has been truly amazing to see N's love of music blossom, and we deeply appreciate your encouragement and enthusiasm."
"Elina is a fantastic teacher, who definitely had an impact on our kids and their enjoyment of music."

photo Beth Seto

Teacher Beth discovered her love of music at an early age, singing and performing with her family, at church and in school. Trained on piano and flute in her younger years, Beth still loves to fiddle with any instrument she picks up, and plays guitar in class to enrich the music experience for her families. After joining a music class with her special needs daughter, Beth learned first-hand how powerful music is for children, just for the joy of music itself, and also as an aid in cognitive, motor and speech development. She's pretty sure that teaching music to families is the best job in the world.
Families talk about Teacher Beth: 

"Can't say enough great things about our teacher Beth and the class as a whole. My daughter started out a little shy at first and I've seen her grown so much since we started. She is still in her own world a bit (she loves the big mirror) but I see her participating more and more now! Thanks for an amazing time each week!
"Beth is great with the kids, our daughter LOVES her - SDP is the highlight of her week

"She is very kind. Great energy. Very informative and makes everyone feel included.
"Excellent planning, energy, enthusiasm, and explanation for why things are structured to enhance child development.

photo Adam Flowers

“It's my favorite 45 minutes with my daughter all week.”

“His silly socks and shirts always make me smile  ”

“He makes everyone feel welcome and knows just how to interact with kids of all ages.”

“He is so genuinely enthusiastic and silly and welcoming. I always look forward to attending his class as he is not only great with kids but also personable to us adults.”

“Thanks for being so patient, kind, and caring to all the little ones.”

We are thrilled to welcome Adam as a new teacher in winter 2017. His warmth and easy rapport with children and adults alike, as well as his passion for teaching, make him a perfect fit for Music Together. Adam has performed principal tenor roles in opera houses throughout North America, Hawaii and Japan. In July 2006 he completed a five year Artist-In- Residency for Opera San Jose, performing over 32 roles. He is currently a member of the San Francisco Opera Chorus. Adam is also a teaching artist for the San Francisco Opera Guild’s Opera A La Carte and Book To Bravo educational programs with students in the 5 th -12 th grades. He is a voice student of Deborah Benedict, Dewey Camp, and Joseph Frank.

photo Jeff Rothrock

Jeff's musical journey began at a young age with the encouragement of his parents and caregivers, first studying piano before discovering clarinet, trumpet, and most recently, ukulele. While he originally studied to become a professional trumpet player, life had other plans and music stopped being an integral part of his life...until enrolling his daughter in Music Together at 4 months old. Seeing the style of teaching children music through play, and seeing how babies and children connect with caregivers through music was all it took for him to sign up for the teacher training program. Jeff's style is playful and loving while being firmly grounded on an impressive background in musicianship and music theory.

photo Lanie Wieland

Lanie grew up singing, dancing, playing the piano, clarinet, and oboe (and has since added ukulele to her bag of tricks). . . but above all, she loves singing and dancing! Lanie became a registered Music Together teacher in 2017, shortly after her son was born and she became especially interested in childhood musical development and cultivating joy as a life-long habit through song and movement. She has over 10 years of experience as a teaching artist in classrooms and enrichment programs around the Bay Area, teaching performing arts, storytelling and puppetry arts.

For over a decade, Lanie has also been a children's party entertainer, performing at over 1000 parties in the Bay Area, and (of course!) leading children in song and movement at every opportunity. Also a life-long lover of theatre, Lanie has several professional puppetry, prop and costume design credits to her name with various theatre companies around the Bay Area, and always loves working with children's theatres. 

photo Brenda Tapia

Brenda is our sorceress and superhero of all things administrative. Her family has been part of Music Together for over ten years, and she has attended our national director's conference. Her knowledge of our program is broad and deep. She also knows all the nuts and bolts of the administrative side of Sing Dance Play.