Music Together® Online

Jeff Rothrock
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Sunday, 10:00 AM - 10:25 AM
Start Date: ongoing
Duration: ongoing
End Date: ongoing

Music Together Online

Geared toward 5 and under; everyone welcome! Older kids will enjoy it too!

In our 3x/week, 20-minute Zoom lessons, our teachers lead parents and children in musical play. Just like with our regular classes, parents join in the singing and play musically with their children. This is not about putting young children down in front of a screen to be “entertained” – that’s not how we roll! Many children, especially babies prefer to look at their parents more than the screen. We do fingerplay, substitution songs (bring your kids' favorite toy or stuffy and we will sing about those, too!), lap songs, instrument songs, and lullabies. We even get up and move! This is a beautiful way to make some connections with other families while we need to be physically separate, AND a guarantee to your child that they will regularly get some concentrated, high-quality play time with the grownups they love.