Please check back after the Shelter in Place is lifted

Parties include

- 30 minute music celebration

- free play with tumbling, tubes, foam shapes, balls, tents, and other gross motor toys, plus optional books, magnatiles, unit blocks, baby dolls and stuffies.

- Food can be served in our snack alcove our oudoors. We have awnings and can set up a marquee outdoors for extra shade.

- Make it your own!! You choose what to include. We can suggest additions like a bubble artist outdoors, face painter, and catering options

Decorations!! You are free to bring any decorations you like! If you're including outdoor setup, you can decorate the inside of the parking lot fence, too. 

Table setup: We have three 72" long, child-sized tables with chairs that fit a maximum of 30 children. We also have four rectangular folding tables that can be used for food service or adult guests. Let us know how many tables you would like set up. Our indoor eating area can fit the three child-sized tables and one food service table. If you want more space for snacking and tables, we can set up tables outside. We have a small unused corner of the parking lot, and a large awning to provide shade.

Tablewear: We are a green business and try very hard to not generate much waste!! We ask that you bring reusable or compostable tablewear. Alternatively, we can supply compostable plates, cutlery and cups at a cost of $1 per guest. 

Times and days: We are available between scheduled classes: Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings, and weekend mornings between Music Together® semesters. Contact us or check our calendar for availability. We recommend that you plan one hour on either end for setup and take-down. 

​We are open to longer parties and different formats. Please call 415-419-7454 or email to discuss details and schedule your party! 



2 hours, 12 or fewer children: $300

2 hours, 13-20 children: $350

No Music: a party with just play and no music is also an option; $50 discount.

Cleaning Fee require you to do a basic cleanup, making sure trash, compost and recycling are in their proper receptacles and a preliminary sweep of the floor. We will do a more thorough cleanup, including mopping, cleaning surfaces, mirrors, etc. If you would like us to do ALL the cleanup after the party, add $50 to the price.

Deposit: A $120 deposit is required upon booking, $100 to be applied to the price of the party, $20 refundable if trash is properly sorted. The balance to be paid the day of the party.