Tuition and Policies (Outside classes)

Tuition and Policies for Outside Classes

Tuition includes weekly 30 minute classes, songbook, CD, unlimited makeup classes via Zoom, access to the Family Music Zone and Hello Everybody app, and unlimited singing, dancing, playing bonding and joy!

Ages 0-5 (not strict--older kids okay!)

8-week session cost (per family--no charge for siblings!):

$160 for members enrolled in Music Together® Online

$240 for families only enrolled in MT Outside

10-week session cost (per family--no charge for siblings!):

$200 for members enrolled in Music Together Online

$300 for families only enrolled in MT Outside

12-week session (winter):

$240 for members enrolled in Music Together Online

$360 for families only enrolled in MT Outside

If conditions don't allow for class outdoors, class for that week will be held online via Zoom. We do not offer refunds for classes cancelled or missed due to any of the following reasons:

  • natural disasters
  • fires/air quality (we will cancel if AQI is at or over 100 according to Purple Air LRAPA conversion 1 hour before class)
  • public health concerns (e.g. if the county had to resume stricter shelter in place rules)
  • rain or cold

We DO offer credit toward future classes if you miss class because you're experiencing COVID symptoms or a close family member has tested positive.

For each two classes that we have to move online, we will try to extend the session by one week, with a maximum of two weeks of extension (in case four or more classes are moved online). Extending the session is contingent upon space and teacher availability.

Special Policies for COVID Safety

1. Your teacher will place markers 16 feet apart. Allowing for blanket size and moving around the edges of blankets, this will keep everyone at least 12' apart during class. When you arrive, select a spot and lay your blanket there. Extra social distance is required for safety when singing. Everyone in your group must remain in your blanket area, (either on, or possibly dancing around the outside). Families with children who struggle to stay with parents during this unprecedented time will be asked to leave and invited to finish out the session in online classes.
2.  Everyone must wear a mask (exception for those with special needs and children two and under), including the teacher. Depending on current covid conditions, you may be able to remove your mask while on your blanket. 
3. It is more important than ever to observe our rule for sick children/adults. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision:
    1. If you or your child shows ANY signs of illness, keep them home. (a few of those signs might be: frequent coughing or coughing spells, repeated sneezing, fever over 99.5, headache, acting sick)
    2. If you or your child live with someone (or has been in close contact with someone) who currently has COVID, please stay home.
    3. If you have been diagnosed with (or believe you have) COVID, please return after the suggested quarantine time period. 10 days from the onset, return when you have had no symptoms or fever (without taking fever-reducing meds) for at least 24 hours.
4. If you or anyone in your household is diagnosed with COVID, or you believe your symptoms are consistent with COVID, please let us know so we can communicate this with our families. You will remain anonymous, but this will be helpful in preventing any spread of the illness throughout our class.
5. Bring your own instruments and props! We have new and gently used instrument sets available for sale!
6. Give grace. Outside class is an experiment, and will certainly bring challenges. Since we will not be in a controlled environment, a lot of things can interrupt the perfect class. Unexpected noise, bugs, mowers, sprinklers, weather, loud yelling children (oh wait...we're used to that one, ha!). Please keep this in mind as you attend class. We're so grateful to be with you this semester. Let’s give each other a TON of grace as we navigate strange territory!
7. HAVE FUN! This is required :-) Let’s enjoy this time together, making music, dancing, playing, bonding. Let your worries fly away for a moment and pretend no one is watching!

Sing Dance Play may take photographs and video recordings of your child or you, or both of you together, and use them in printed or electronic formats for advertising and educational purposes. Please notify your teacher if you wish not to have your child’s image used on our website or print advertising.

Make-ups, Cancelled Classes, Refunds:

  • Make-ups: You are allowed unlimited make-ups each semester in online classes only. Schedule them yourself on the website, and contact Brenda ( if you have any trouble.
  • Class may be cancelled due to weather, air quality teacher illness or other unavoidable circumstance. If a class must be cancelled due to teacher illness or emergency, we will do our best to extend the semester by a week. Classes cancelled due to weather, natural disaster or air quality will not be refunded.
  • No refunds after session has begun

During all types of Music Together Classes, always:

1. Minimize talking. We hope you make social connections in class! But we ask you to talk and socialize before and after class. Give your child and everyone in our group a special chance to be musically focused for an entire 45 minutes.

2. Fully participate! You are the primary role model for your child - and all of the children in class. If you commit to singing, dancing and playing your children will learn that making music is fun!

3. Set phones to vibrate and keep them in your bag.

4. Give snacks before class. If your child gets hungry during class, please take them out of the room for a snack. Breastfeeding and bottles are OK!

5. Minimize photography/video: We allow for occasional photography/filming of your child. However most of our class time needs to be focused on music making and your child. Please keep it from being a distraction from class.

6. Be Comfortable! Modify as needed: You’re going to be asked to get up and move at least twice per class. Please modify activities with respect to your physical limitations and your child’s needs. Prioritize taking care of yourself and your child.

At home:

  • Listen to your recording! Repeat! Enjoy the activities in your songbooks and ideas from your teacher.

  • Start a musical ritual: Sing a lullaby, dance, beat on some pots and pans! Make up new lyrics to our songs! 


Questions or concerns? ALWAYS feel free to contact us or speak with your teacher. Email or call us at 415-419-7454.