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November 27, 2018

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With over 3,000 classrooms worldwide, Music Together® definitely makes the world go 'round for children from birth to 8 years old.  So we decided to see what all that singing, clapping, tapping and dancing was all about for ourselves. 

Six Hulafrog Editors joined a Music Together program in their local community this Fall. Here's what they (and their little ones) had to say:



Learning Through Play

[JONATHAN, AGE 3] Kiddo's Fave Part: The Hello Song!



Classes are laid back but with tons of energy. The teachers are so kind and engage with everyone. They encourage parents to participate and learn with their child. I loved that our teacher let each child explore and learn on their own terms. One class in particular stood out because my son realized if he cupped the bells over his ear, the sound was different. He was SO excited to show everyone what he had learned!

Shar Berger, Hulafrog Tempe-Mesa-AZ, & mom of five



An Instant Bond for Us All

[MOLLIE, AGE 3, WESLEY, AGE 5] Kiddo's Fave Part: The Freeze Beat!



The bond the teacher had with all the children was truly magical. My daughter was shy, but toward the end of the class she was running up to the teacher and sitting on her lap. You had to be present to see the effect the music had on all of us. There's a special connection with the instructor and child almost immediately. There's also a philosophy and pattern to the song choice and activities. This included time to explore instruments, dance with scarfs and lay down to cuddle with our children. We really loved this class!

Kristen Baker, West Hartford-Farmington Valley, CT , & mom of two



Share the Love of Music

[AVA, AGE 2, JAXSON, AGE 4] Kiddo's Fave Part: Being Herself!



Music Together is not only a class, it's an experience that connects you and your child and fosters a love for the arts. My two-year-old had a blast singing and dancing. We loved the passion of the instructor. The best part is we got to take home a CD and a book, so we can continue the activities and songs we learned in class at home!!

Angela Egan, Hulafrog Glastonbury-Middletown, CT, & mom of two



Parents Get SO Much Out of This

[BETHANY, AGE 2, RUTHY, AGE 3] Kiddo's Fave Part: Free Dance!



Our teacher, Kayla, was amazing at engaging the kids while explaining the lessons and importance to adults. I learned about the stages of music development in children and what to look for as milestones. It was cool to come out of an early learner class with some new tips. Very fun, organized and focused.

Amanda Nguyen, Beaverton, OR, & mom of four



All About Family

[LUCAS, AGE 4, CHARLIE, AGE 6] Kiddo's Fave Part: Parachute Play!



My kids loved the rhythm songs that allowed kids' input. They also learned about different song styles they were unfamiliar with. I learned that certain activities appeal to many different ages, such as clapping and using hand instruments. The program is extremely welcoming and inclusive of all children. We had so much fun doing this as a family.

Jeris Swanhorst, Hulafrog Burnsville-Shakopee, MN, & mom of two



Educational and Interactive

[MADDIE, AGE 5, ROBERT, AGE 8] Kiddo's Fave Part: Playing the Drums!



This is a great way to get your kids excited about music and how they play a part in making it. The songs are fun, silly and catchy but they also learn about instruments and musical terms. My kids are bit a older and have been attending weekly. They have learned to walk into the room, fill out their name tags and get ready for the Hello Song. I love the guided independence.

Michelle Mavis, Tracy-Manteca, CA, & mom of two