Music Together® class schedule

What does an online Sing Dance Playdate look like?

Pricing and Policies

Sing Dance Play is proud to offer the Music Together® program in Marin County. Our playful music classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids support every child, no matter their learning style or stage of development.


Birth to age 5

Our Mixed-age Class gives children the environment they need to grow musically while interacting both socially and musically with peers of different ages. Children from birth to age 5 all participate at their own levels—singing, moving, listening, observing, and exploring musical instruments in a welcoming and supportive environment. Also check out our Generations program (below), also for babies to age 5.

Rhythm Kids

Ages 4-8

In Rhythm Kids® classes


  • Move, sing and drum with music from around the world!
  • Enjoy a fun, informal and engaging environment
  • Develop social and listening skills, self-expression and self-confidence
  • Learn using a specially-designed curriculum for ages 4-5 and K-2
  • Continue learning at home with interactive drumming videos on our app
  • Build musicality and readiness for formal lessons through developmentally-appropriate musical play. 

Level 1: ages 4-5 (pre-K)
Level 2: K-2

Parents can drop children off, or stay and join in the fun!!